Temple Music & Performing Arts is excited to add “Broadway Your Way” to our event calendar this year! We are in production right now with our first group of performers that will hit the stage on Friday, July 26.

What is this?
Terry and Emily Temple are teaming up to provide a crazy UNIQUE performance experience of music, song, and dance. Participants will have input from day-one on every aspect of the final show making them both Performers and Producers! Yes… it’s crazy but these two want to hear the performers ideas on music, dance, costume, and props… and they will put it together for an amazing show!

Will there be auditions during rehearsal?
Yes! As the show takes shape auditions will help position the performers in the perfect places. There is something for everyone!

Can beginners participate?
Absolutely! This will be a great way to learn with the positive, awesome kids we know will sign up. Everyone is a beginner once!

When are Rehearsals?
Generally, rehearsals will be held in the evening for two weeks and conclude with a performance.

When is the Performance?
The performance is scheduled at the end of the two-week rehearsal schedule.

What will be performed?
We can’t tell you that because we haven’t met our Producers yet (our performers are our producers too)!! But we expect to see pieces from Anastasia, Dear Even Hansen, Little Mermaid, Hamilton, Waitress and more… Participants will be asked to bring their top 5 Broadway tunes and we will go from there. If they don’t have five favorites, they will after this experience!

Who can perform?
Kids ages 10- 20 years old. Participants do not need to be Temple Music students. All are welcome!

Cost: $295

Keep your eye out for future dates- Terry and Emily can’t wait to CREATE with you!